Repair and Restoration

Most homeowners face a variety of home repair and remodeling situations during the lifetime of their home ownership. Doors can break, bannisters can become loose, windows can get broken, staircases can become weakened, holes can show up in roofs, and a host of other problems can beset the homeowner. 

Sometimes things just get old and worn out and need to be restored to their original condition.

Having a reliable service that can fix these problems is key to successfully managing one’s home ownership responsibilities. We make these solutions only a phone call away.

Sometimes there are no problems, but homeowners want to engage in a remodeling or home improvement project of some kind.

We are a full service home improvement company, with expertise on bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, and all other types of remodeling. We even do garage renovation and attic remodeling.

At Family Tree and Home we offer a full range of repair and restoration services designed to fix the problems that cause you trouble. Our carpentry skills allow us to creatively solve almost any repair situation that comes up.

So if you are facing some repair or restoration challenges, give us a call at 413.404.4110 and we will set up an appointment to come visit and review your repair or restoration needs and then give you an estimate about how much it will cost to fix. We have a very large amount of experience doing home repairs, so we are certain that we will be able to come up with an amenable solution, no matter what the challenge.

We look forward to helping you solve your repair problems and home improvement challenges.