Tree Removal

Trees are wonderful things. They provide shade, color, and liveliness to any neighborhood.

Sometimes though, trees can cause problems. No matter if they’re in the wrong place, in the way of something important, growing into your foundation, or dead or dying and ready to fall over, problem trees are an issue that many homeowners and business owners have to deal with.

Sometimes you find a tree that is unexpectedly rotting away from the inside. Sometimes trees get hit by lightning and get split or fractured. There have also been many instances of trees getting hit by cars and damaged that way. Often trees need to be cleared away for solar installations. We have lots of experience removing trees to make way for solar installations. Other times people just want to clear their yards and/or sell their timber.

No matter what your issue is, we have the capability to quickly and safely take care of whatever is required. We have the equipment and experience necessary to resolve any tree problem.

At Family Tree and Home, we specialize in tree removal and trimming. We have a large bucket truck and experienced climbers ready to tackle any tree removal project. We also do trimming of dangerous overhanging branches that need to be cleared away.

If you have problem trees that you have to deal with, give us a call at 413.404.4110 and we will set up an appointment to come take a look and then give you an estimate for the work that will be required. We are available for 24 hour emergency tree service and removal. We look forward to the opportunity to help make the trees in your life work well for you.